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A Useful Guide to Understand Hot Tubs Chemical

· Hot Tubs Chemical

Hot tubs are great additions to any household; but only if you are going to put the effort to keep them clean and functional all the time. Without using hot tubs chemical, hot tubs can become the breeding grounds for germs and will no longer be enjoyable to relax in.

Using your spa regularly will offer benefits and will create a healthier hot tub for you and your family by moving water around and greater use means regular care of hot tub as well.

The Commonly Used Hot Tubs Chemical


Bromine will take longer to dissolve when placed in the water of your hot tub. The initial costs of bromine are higher than chlorine; but the treatment lasts longer and the prices will even out with regular use.


Chlorine dissolves quickly than bromine so you can get to use your hot tub faster. Because, chlorine tends to dissolve faster in colder water, than bromine that needs enough amount of heat. Chlorine is affordable; but doesn’t last as long as bromine; prices equal out over time.

Hot Tubs Chemical Considerations

Test alkalinity level

You should check alkalinity level before you’ve done all other tests. An alkalinity test will make sure other tests like pH won’t fluctuate. The alkalinity level should be maintained between 80ppm and 120ppm in your hot tub.

Check your pH level

The perfect range for your hot tub’s pH level is in 7.2-7.8. The testing strips should be used to check pH levels of your hot tub.

Shock the hot tub

  • Shock your hot tub to eliminate bacteria from your hot tub. It will require you to use fewer chemicals in the long run. There are two different shock treatments for hot tub:
  • Chlorine shock can be used as a sanitizer or shock for your hot tub. It’s ideal for first time treatments; but non-chlorine can be used for cleanings subsequently.
  • Non chlorine shock can be utilized regularly for maintenance once the initial chlorine treatment is done for your hot tub.

Drain the hot tub

Drain your hot tub to eliminate the risk of standing water and bacteria growth when you don’t use your hot tub. Draining once in every four month is a good practice for your hot tub maintenance.

Safety Checklist for Hot Tub Chemicals

  • Keep hot tub chemicals in a cool and well-ventilated space when you don’t use them.
  • Keep the chemicals out of reach of animals and children as chemicals can be deadly.
  • Don’t use more than instructed.
  • Don’t mix different chemical treatments.
  • Don’t handle any drinks or food after a chemical treatment for your hot tub
  • Don’t access the hot tub for a few hours

Always check for your hot tube to know about algae and bacterial growth before entering a hot tub. If you notice any algae or other bacteria, try to treat them immediately and don’t use the hot tub.

Final consideration –

At Cedar Tubs Direct, we provide you with the knowledge, accessories including hot tubs chemical to keep your hot tub clean and spotless for whenever you want to use it. We have all types of hot tubs chemical you need for your tub as well as our trained professionals are ready to answer your questions that you want to ask about the chemical upkeep for your hot tub. Please visit us today and find out more about hot tub spa accessories!

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